Saws are just the beginning

You’ve invested your hard-earned money to get the right tools for your gardening, cooking or even woodworking. You can count on us to get them sharpened correctly the first time.

At Affûtage Leroux Sharpening, sharpening isn’t just a craft, it’s an art.

A glimpse of the services we offer:

Woodworking and Carpentry

Affûtage Leroux Sharpening is every woodworker’s best friend. Professional woodworkers and carpenters know the importance of using well sharpened tools. It’s a question of precision, efficiency and security! That’s why we proudly offer a sharpening service for all types of woodwork tools.


You’ve invested a lot of money into purchasing electric tools for metalwork. If you’re looking for a return on your investment, it’s essential to have your tools sharpened on a regular basis. We are proud to offer this professional service at a competitive rate.


Do you like gardening and landscaping? Whether it’s your hobby or your profession, you know that gardening is so much easier when you have the right tools! Maintaining your gardening tools is important — that’s why we offer a sharpening service for all your landscaping tools.

Others – Almost anything that has an edge!

Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial client, we are here to serve you. From your simple kitchen knife to specialized industrial tools, we can sharpen all of your blades. You can trust the professionals at Affûtage Leroux Sharpening!


Ice Resurfacing

Plumbing and Electrical



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